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What is new at Templenet

July 1999

It is our pleasure to announce that Templenet will be expanding its services to include a weekly feature, focussing on temple facts of interest to our visitors. It is with pride that we bring to you special articles, and a complete set of related links each week. Each of these features will be archived in Featured Articles.

Would you like to contribute a weekly feature? Templenet welcomes articles on topics related to Indian Temples from you. For those readers interested in submiting articles or photographs please send mail to Many readers have expressed interest in contributing articles and images to Templenet. We apologize for the delay in getting back to those of you who have come forth with interest, and assure you that we welcome your contribution, and shall make every effort to incorporate your input into the various sections of this website.

The long awaited Search Engine has arrived, enabling visitors to carry out searches on Templenet.

Glossary of Terms: Check out this section for a list of terms pertaining to Indian Temple studies.

Upcoming features: Look out for features on Tiruvarur, Belur, Khajuraho and Kedarnath in the near future. Also look out for a special bumper edition of Templenet soon.

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