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Indian Temple Architecture

Indian Temple Styles: jodh1.jpg (122384 bytes) The North Indian temples (Nagara) differ widely from their South Indian counterparts (Dravidian). In this article, Cincinnati based art historian Tony Batchelor  provides an overview of the various temple architectural styles in India. A gallery of South Indian temple vimanams: AJalak3.jpg (45344 bytes) vimanam is the tower that crowns the innermost sanctum of a South Indian temple (Dravidian style of architecture). This photographic feature displays vimanams from some of the important temples of South India.
Imperial Chola Monuments I : periya1.jpg (35266 bytes)The Brihadeeswara temple in Thanjavur in Tamilnadu (11th century CE)   is a collossal structure with a towering vimanam, and is considered to be a masterpiece of Chola architecture. Imperial Chola Monuments II: The Darasuramperiya2.jpg (25288 bytes) temple described as a sculptor's dream lived in stone, is built in the form of a chariot and is a grand specimen of Chola architecture, as are the Gangaikonda Choleeswaram and the Tribhuvanam temples.
Hoysala Architecture: Belur2.jpg (77954 bytes)The Hoysala temples of the earlier part of the 2nd millennium CE, display a unique architectural style, distinct from the Dravidian style that prevailed during this period in the neighboring state of Tamilnadu. Art historian Gerard Foekema describes the Chennakesava temple at  Belur, a grand specimen of Hoysala art. The Nagara Style: This is the prevalent style ofkhaju2.jpg (81478 bytes) temple architecture in North India. The well developed temples of Khajuraho, and the majestic temples of Orissa, all fall under this classification.
padma2.jpg (14576 bytes)Kerala Temple Architecture: What is it that sets the temples of Kerala apart from those elsewhere in the Indian subcontinent? Study Keralite temple architecture.. Kerala Temple History: Experience the old worldguruanai.jpg (44968 bytes) charm of Kerala temples. Study the origin and evolution of the Keralite temple architecture.
gadag.jpg (39122 bytes)About the Temples of Karnataka: The Chalukyas, the Gangas, the Hoysalas, the Vijayanagar rulers and others contributed to diverse temple styles seen in Karnataka. About the Temples of Andhra Pradesh Thetirupati.jpg (39652 bytes) history of Andhra Desa provides an insight into the various temple architecture styles seen in the state.

lingaraj_small.jpg (2427 bytes)Orissa Temple History and Architecture: Orissa is a treasure trove of ancient monuments. Browse through their history and the elements of Orissa temple architecture.

Tamilnadu Temple History and Architecture:kamakvim_small.jpg (1499 bytes) The Pallavas, Cholas, Pandyas, Vijayanagar rulers and the Nayakas have made immense contributions to temple art in Tamilnadu.

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