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Templenet is a premier site conceived and published with the objective of showcasing India - The Land of Temples in cyberspace. Indeed, India is rightfully The Land of Temples, as Egypt is The Land of Pyramids. Thousands of temples dot the landscape of the entire sub continent - bringing to focus, a vibrant - live art gallery, showcasing achievements in art and architecture over a two thousand year period, in a manner never seen in any other part of the world. Regional variations lend dramatic contrasts to lifestyles across the subcontinent, and the stunning variations reflective of this diversity - as  seen in temple styles across the region can be an enthralling experience even to a mildy interested tourist.

In the arena of cyberspace, Templenet presents to the world a  world of temples, reflecting the grandeur and the stunning diversity of temple styles across the nation. At the geographical level, it provides an index to temples by region, where temples are described in detail with approprite illustrations. Sifting legend from history, these descriptions throw complete light on the origin, religious significance, history, architectural and sculptural grandeur, beliefs and legends, worship protocols, festivals and tourism related information. In addition, the various sections on architecture, festivals, beliefs provide a whole range of descriptive articles on related subjects. A glossary of terms acquaints readers with terminology related to temples.

Templenet is an ongoing selective presentation on an extensive research project on Indian temples - sourced, authored and directed by Kanniks Kannikeswaran.

Press Reports and Accolades

Kalki LogoJanuary 1998: Prominent Tamil weekly Kalki  interviews Kanniks Kannikeswaran - and describes Templenet as the authoritative information source on Indian Temples.

India Today LogoMay 1998: India Today features Templenet in its column Cyber Chatter and describes the site  as the best organized of the few thousand odd sites on Hindu relgion.

Ananda Vikatan LogoOctober 1999: Ananda Vikatan, a leading Tamil daily describes Templenet as a definitive source of information on the thousands of temples of India.

National Geographic LogoDecember 1999: National Geographic Traveler celebrates its 15th anniversary with a roundup of the 51greatest places of a lifetime ("destinations which no curious traveler should miss") along with the "best links for all 51 destinations". Templenet is listed as one of the three featured links to India.

Britannica LogoJanuary 2000: presents Templenet with the Internet guide Award for the 'accuracy and reliability of its content' and for the ease of use of the website.

HINDUISM_TODAY_LOGO.GIF (1392 bytes)February 2000: Hinduism Today describes features Templenet in its section on Digital Dharma, and describes the website as a pleasurable digital journey and a virtual reality pilgrimage to over 2000 temple sin India.


YAHOOASIA.GIF (770 bytes)  February 2000: Templenet is featured in Yahoo Asia's Picks of the day.  December 2000:    "This is an exceptional site with an enormous amount of information painstakingly put together on the vast wealth of temple architecture, art and traditions in India. I would urge anybody with an interest in this area to take a look at the site" .

jayatvlogo.gif (4772 bytes)December 2001:    Templenet author-publisher Kanniks Kannikeswaran is featured as a special guest in Jaya TV's Kaalai Malar Program where he shares with viewers (in Tamil) the unique contribution made by Templenet by virtue of its being an encyclopedic site describing the temple-heritage of India.


. air_logo.gif (1196 bytes)       December 2001:    Templenet author-publisher Kanniks Kannikeswaran is featured as a special guest in All India Radio - Chennai's FM Broadcast - Vannakkalanjiam where he is interviewed by Dr. Cheyon regarding the website's features and its depth of coverage of information.

February 2002: Leading Tamil weekly Kumudam (in Kumudam Junction) describes Templenet as a complete source of information on Indian temples.


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