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Abodes of Skanda
Temples of Tamilnadu

Special Feature - Tamil New Year 2000

Skanda - also known as Murugan, Kartikeya, Subramanya is one of the most revered deities in the southern state of Tamilnadu. It is even said that the name Murugan is synonymous to the world Tamil. Skanda is eulogized as the ultimate warrior and also as the epitome of knowledge - and as a Siddha. Templenet takes pride in presenting for the first time on the internet 54 revered shrines of Skanda in Tamilnadu, Kerala and Karnataka.


All about Skanda: Kartikeya or Murugan  is held in special reverence by the Tamil speaking populace. Skanda has been eulogized by 2000 year old Tamil Sangam literature and by the Sanskrit hymns of Aadi Sankaracharya & Kalidasa.

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The story of Skanda's birth: Kaama, the Lord of desire was burnt to ashes by the gaze of Shiva's third eye. Shiva's marriage to Uma resulted in the birth of Skanda, the valiant commander of the Gods.
Aaru Padai Veedu: The six most revered shrines of Murugan eulogized in the 2000 year old Tamil Sangam literature. Abodes of Skanda in the Chola Kingdom: Visit Viraalimalai, Vayalur, Vaideeswaran Koyil, Togaimalai, Swamimalai, Sikkal, Mayiladuturai, Ettukkudi, Ennkann, Chettikkulam near Thanjavur, Tiruchirappalli. Abodes of Skanda in the Pandya Kingdom: Visit Kumarar Koyil, Tiruchendur, Kazhugumalai, Sindupoonturai, Valliyur, Kurukkutturai,   Kunnakkudi, Palani, Melakkodumalur, Pazhamudirsolai and Tirupparamkunram near Tirunelveli, Karaikkudi and Madurai.
Abodes of Skanda in Malai Naadu: Experience the old world charm of Murugan temples in the vicinity of Kanyakumari , part of the erstwhile Travancore kingdom Ayikudi, Velimalai, Vellimalai , Kumarar Koyil and Tirumalai.

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Abodes of Skanda in Kongu Naadu:  Mandiramalai, Marudamalai, Chennimalai, Sivanmalai, Alavaippatti, Kanakagiri, Kanjamalai, Kapilarmalai, Kollimalai, Skandasramam, Tiruchengode and Vennaimalai - near Coimbatore, Erode, Salem.
Abodes of Skanda in Tondai Naadu:  Cheyur, Aandaarkuppam, Kanda Kottam, Tirumayilai, Vadapalani, Kumaran Kunram, Kunrattur, Madhurantakam, Kumara KottamTirupporur, Vallakkottai, Tiruttani. Teppam Abodes of Skanda in Nadu Naadu: Visit Mayilam near Tindivanam -  Vallimalai and  Kangeyanallur near Vellore.
Subrahmanya near Mangalore in Karnataka (Tuluva Naadu)  is considered to be one of the seven Mukti Stalams of the region.  muruga.jpg (77253 bytes) Udayanapuram near the famed Vaikom Mahadevar temple in Kerala (Chera Naadu) enshrines Subramanya and is closely associated with the Vaikom Ashtami festival.