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Temples of Tamilnadu

The Temple


Visitors to the temple are confronted with the grandeur of
the Kanakasabha hall on their right as they enter the
temple. Straight ahead is the main sanctum dedicated
to Patteeswarar - Shiva.

The sanctum enshrines Shiva in the form of a
Shivalingam. Against the rear of the wall is an image
of Kamadhenu. The image of Kamadhenu is movable, and
until a while ago, the traditional abhshekams to the
Shivalingam used to be performed with the Kamadhenu
positioned above the Shivalingam. Kamadhenu's presence
is in conformity with the legend that Shiva here was
worshipped by Patti the daughter of the celestial cow
Kamadhenu. An image of Bhoga Shakti is also enshrined
in the sanctum.

Surrounding the sanctum is the inner circumambulatory
passage, with images of the 63 Saivite saints, Sahasra
Lingam, Bhairavar, Surya and Chandra
. The niches
around the sanctum bear shrines to Durga,
Dakshinamurthy and other parivara devatas.

The outer circumambulatory path leads one to the Ambal
shrine, housing an image of Maragathaambaal or
Pachaiamman. Proceeding further around the external
circumambulatory path, one reaches the mandapam
housing the processional deities of the Pancha murthis
(Ganesha, Subramanya, Somaskanda, Parvati,
Chandikeswara) and others. 

Proceeding further down the circumambulatory path, one
reaches the Kanakasabha mandapam, housing an ornate
shrine to Nataraja.

Keeping with the legend that Shiva here was worshipped
by Bhrahma and Vishnu in the forms of the sages Gomuni
and patti muni, there are two additional temples to
Shiva on the banks of the temple tank. One of these
temples is known as the Arasambalavaanar temple, where
legend has it that Shiva revealed a vision of his
cosmic dance to the two sages. This is also a full
fledged Saivite temple with shrines to
Arasambalavaanar, Ambaal and others. There are also
shrines to Bhairavar and Nataraja.