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Temples of Tamilnadu

Of the numerous temples that line the southern state of Tamilnadu, the Nataraja Temple at Chidambaram is one of the most significant ones.   In terms of its antiquity, richness in terms of worship & festival traditions, in architectural & sculptural splendour, in its association with music & dance, Chidambaram is a center second to none in  representing the rich cultural heritage of India.


Nataraja Temple at Chidambaram: Introduction - Religious and Socio-cultural significance - Travel related Info - Nearby Attractions. chidentr.jpg (39839 bytes) Chidambaram:   represents an assimilation of tradition over several centuries, as testified by ancient literature as well as inscriptions that dot the temple.
Chidambaram: Several interesting legends are associated with the Chidambaram Natarajar Temple. Chidambaram: Nataraja and the Significance of the Cosmic Dance of Bliss. Chidambaram deifies Shiva in his most poetic form as the Cosmic Dancer. Chidambaram: Temple Architecture and Layout. The vast temple campus houses several shrines, mandapams, towers, and courtyards.
Chidambaram: Worship Protocol and Traditions. Several worship services are carried out throughout the day in this vast temple complex. chidgld2.jpg (41557 bytes) Chidambaram: Festivals and traditions. Margazhi Tiruvaadirai and Aani Tirumanjanam are the most important annual festivals celebrated at Chidambaram.
Chidambaram: More on the Saivite Tradition of the Tevaara Paadal Petra Stalangal. Chidambaram: The Sree Vaishnava Tradition and the Tiru Chitrakootam, Govindaraaja Perumaal temple in the Nataraja temple complex. Chidambaram: Earlier Templenet Feature on the Chidambaram Nataraja Temple.
Chidambaram: The Tamil work  Tirukkovaiyaar was authored by the Saint Poet Maanikkavaacakar at   Chidambaram. chidgold.jpg (59447 bytes) Chidambaram: Explore traditions associated with  Aarudra Darisanam at Chidambaram and at other Nataraja temples in Tamilnadu.