One of the 108 Temples & Celestial Abodes of Vishnu revered by the Tamil hymns of the Alwars of the 1st millennium CE

Location: Tiruninravur near Arakkonam
Tondai Naadu)
Vishnu: Bhaktavatsala Perumaal
Taayaar: Sudhaa valli
Theertham:Varuna Pushkarini
Paasuram :Tirumangaialwar
Vimaanam:Srinivasa Utpala Vimanam
Travel Base:Chennai
Description This Divya Desam is located at Tiruninravur or Tinniyur, near Arakkonam on the Chennai Arakkonam suburban railroad. (The Shivastalam Tiruninravur enshrining Mahalakshmeeswarar  is located in the Chola country.)

Deities: The Moolavar here is Bhaktavatsala Perumaal in a standing posture facing east, while Taayaar is known as Sudhaavalli and as 'Ennaippetra taayaar'.  This temple has two prakarams and a five tiered rajagopuram. There is also a shrine to Rama on the banks of the Varuna pushkarini tank. There are stone inscriptions here dating back to the period of Nandivarma Pallavan and Rajaraja III.

Legend has it that Varunan (Samudraraja the father of Mahalakshmi)worshipped Vishnu here. Legend also has it that Perumal visited this village and made it his home; Lakshmi followed him, and stayed here too (hence the name Tiruninra oor); Vishnu then appeared in front of a Pallava ruler, and directed him to build the temple and arrange for the annual Bhramotsavam and Pavitrotsavam.

There are legends associated with Tirumangaialwar, who apparently left this shrine without singing a paasuram. It is believed that the deity followed him to Mamallapuram where he sang a paasuram referring to Tiruninravur and then to Tirukkannamangai   (also enshrining Bhaktavatsala Perumaal) where he sang another paasuram referring to Tiruninravur.

An imposing tower adorns the entrance to this temple. Two worship services are carried out each day here.

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