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Moozhikkalam (Tirumoozhikkalam)

One of the 108 Temples & Celestial Abodes of Vishnu revered by the Tamil hymns of the Alwars of the 1st millennium CE

Location: Moozhikkalam near Alwaye
Malai Naadu)
Vishnu: Moozhikkalattappan (Lakshmana Perumaal)
Taayaar: Madhuraveni Naachiyaar
Theertham:Shankha Theertham
Paasuram :Nammalwar
Vimaanam:Soundarya Vimanam
Travel Base:Ernakulam
Description The Lakshmana Perumaal temple is located at Tirumoozhikkalam near Alwaye. The presiding deity Lakshmana Perumaal is considered to be none other than Vishnu. The Triprayar Rama temple and the Koodalmanikyam Bharata temple are related shrines located in this part of Kerala.

This is an ancient temple, glorified by the tamil hymns (Tiruvaimozhi) of Nammalwar one of the 12 Vaishnavite Alwars of the 1st millenium CE.

This shrine is associated with legends from the Ramayanam.   Legend has it that while Bharata the brother of Rama and Lakshmana, came to invite Rama, then in exile, to take over the reins of the kingdom, an angry Lakshmana suspecting Bharata's intentions, offered prayers to Vishnu at Tirumoozhikkalam; however, Bharata's innocence was very soon revealed, and then the two of them offered worship together at Tirumoozhikkalam.

Inscriptions from the 11th  century CE are seen in this temple. A vritta (circular) vimanam crowns this temple whose base is of stone, and the rest of the superstructure being laterite, stucco and timber.

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