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41. Ilambiankottur


Location: Elimiankottur near Kadambathur .
(Tondai Naadu)
Shiva: Deiva Nayakar, Chandrasekharar
Ambal: Kodendu Mulaiyammai.
Theertham: Chandra Theertham
Travel Base: Chennai

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Description:This Shivastalam is located at a distance of 10 km south of  Kadambattur on the Chennai Arakkonam suburban railroad, at a distance of 2km south west of of Coovum or Tiruvirkolam. Coovum is located 72 km west of Chennai. Elimiankottur is on the western bank of the Coovum lake. This is the 13th of the 32 Tevara Stalams in the Tondai region of South India.

Shiva here is said to have been worshipped by the celestial nymph Rambai and hence the name Arambayamkottur, which over a period of time became Ilambayankottur. Legend also has it that Chandra worshipped Shiva here.

Legend has it that Shiva appeared in the form of a child and then an old man and pointed out the location of this shrine to Sambandar and his followers. Sambandar is said to have headed here from Tiruvallam.

The sacred tank south of the temple is referred to as Chandra Theertham. Inscriptions from the period of Rajadiraja II and the later Pandyan period, speaking of endowments made to this temple, are seen here.

Dakshinamurthy is referred to as Yoga Dakshinamurthy  here and   is portrayed with the 'chin mudra' positioned on his chest and is depicted with a 'Yoga Pattam'. Worshipping Dakshinamurthy here on full moon nights is considered to be auspicious.

Mahasivaratri is celebrated here in the month of Maasi (Aquarius).

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