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86. Melaittirukkattuppalli

மேலை திருக்காட்டுப்பள்ளி 

Location: Melaittirukkattuppalli near Budalur.
(Chola Naadu-South of Kaveri )
Shiva: Theeyadiappar, Agneeswarar
Ambal: Vaarkonda Mulaiyammai, Soundara Nayaki
Vriksham: Vanni
Theertham: Surya Theertham
Travel Base: Thanjavur
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Description:This Shivastalam is located on the Southern bank of the river Kudamurutti; and is located 8km North of Budalur, near Thanjavur. Tiruppoonturutti is 11 km east of here.

Melaittirukkaattuppalli is considered to be the 9th in the series of Tevara Stalams in the Chola kingdom located south of the river Kaveri.

History: Inscriptions from the period of Raja Raja I & other Chola Emperors and the Pandya and Vijayanagar periods are found here. This temple was part of an old fort captured by the British in 1771; it was recaptured by Hyder Ali in 1781.

Legend has it that one of the queens of a Chola monarch (of Uraiyur/Tiruchirappalli) was a devotee of Shiva, and when Uraiyur got submerged in a sandstorm, she managed to find solace in Tirukkattuppalli (here)where Shiva blessed her and relieved her of the scorching heat which ravaged the region.

The Temple: This temple with 3 prakarams occupies an area of about an acre. The sanctum is located lower than the ground level.

Festivals: Four worship services are offered each day, and the annual Bhrammotsavam is celebrated in the month of Pankuni.

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