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112. Kottaiyur


Location: Kottaiyur near Kumbhakonam, Swamimalai
(Chola Naadu - North of Kaveri)
Shiva: Koteeswarar
Ambal: Pandaadiammai, Kanduka Kreedambika
Patikam : Appar
Travel Base:Thanjavur
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Description: Kottaiyur is also known as Vilvaranyam and Herandapuram; this temple is also known as Kodeeswaram.  Tirunavukkarasar has sung the glory of this shrine along with that of Tiruvalanchuzhi. The image above is that of the Tiruvalanchuzhi temple.

Legends: The Shivalingam here is said to have merged from a castor seed, hence Kottaiyur, Herandapuram;also the Shivalingam is believed to be composed of several Shivalingam, hence Koteeswarar. Atreya rishi performed penances here, hence Heranda Munivar. Heranda muni who descended into the Kaveri at Tiruvalanchuzhi, emerged out here, hence the connection between the shrines. Good deeds committed here are said to multiply severalfold in value.

The Temple:  A 60 feet high five tiered gopuram adorns the entrace of this temple with 2 prakarams. An image of Manu needhi Cholan's episode is seen near the 2nd gopuram as in Tiruvarur.There is a separate vimanam for Somaskandar here.

Vinayakar here is Kotivinayakar. Kotivinayakar's image is composed of several Vinayakars.   The Utsava Vinayakar with his consorts resembles that at Tiruvalanchuzhi which is also located close by.

7th century inscriptions are found here in addition to  inscriptions dating back to the 12th century that  refer to the Eragaram Tevara Vaippustalam nearby.

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