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The Templenet Encyclopedia - Temples of Madhya Pradesh

Temple List

  1. Adinath Temple at Khajuraho

  2. Ahileshwar Temple at Maheshwar near Indore

  3. Bandhavgarh Temples (Fort) (Remains, 8th cent) at Bandhavgarh (Shahdol) near Bandahavgarh (Shahdol)

  4. Baramju Temple at Unao near Jhansi (UP)
  5. Bateswara Mahadev Temple Complex at Batesara near Padhavali (Morena)

  6. Bhramma (Vishnu) Temple at Khajuraho

  7. Bridh Kaleshwar at Ujjain

  8. Cave Temples at Udayagiri near Vidisha
  9. Chatturbhuj Temple at Orchha near Jhansi (UP)
  10. Chatturbhuj Temple at Gwalior

  11. Chatturbhuj Temple at Khajuraho

  12. Chausath Yogini Temple at Khajuraho

  13. Chausath Yogini(Madanpur) Temple at Jabalpur

  14. Chitragupta Temple at Khajuraho
  15. Devgadh Hill Jain Temple at Devgadh near Chanderi

  16. Devji Temple at Devas near Ujjain

  17. Dhoomeshwar Mahadev Temple at Pawaya near Debra

  18. Duladeo Temple at Khajuraho

  19. Gopal Mandir at Ujjain

  20. Jagadamba Temple at Khajuraho

  21. Jain Temples at Maksi near Ujjain

  22. Javari Temple at Khajuraho

  23. Kakudeswara Temple at Pathari near Vidisha

  24. Kaleshwar Temple at Maheshwar near Indore

  25. Kandariya Mahadev Temple at Khajuraho
  26. Lakshmana Temple at Khajuraho
  27. Lakshmi Narayan Temple at Orchha near Jhansi (UP)

  28. Lakshmi Narayan Temple (Birla Mandir) at Bhopal

  29. Mahakala Temple at Ujjain
  30. Maladevi Temple at Gyaraspur near Vidisha

  31. Matangeswara Temple at Khajuraho

  32. Muktagiri Jain Temples at Muktagiri near Betul

  33. Naresar Temples at Naresar near Gwalior

  34. Narmada Udgam Mandir at Amarkantak (Anuppur) near Shahdol

  35. Navgrah Temple at Ujjain

  36. Neelakanteswara Temple at Udaipur near Sanchi
  37. Nilkanth (Palace) Temple at Mandu near Indore

  38. Omkareshwar Temple at Indore
  39. Parsvanath Temple at Khajuraho

  40. Parvati Temple at Khajuraho

  41. Rajrajeshwar Temple at Maheshwar near Indore

  42. Sasbahu Temple at Gwalior
  43. Shanthinatha Temple at Khajuraho

  44. Shiva Temple at Terahi near Shivpuri

  45. Shiva Temple at Neori near Bhopal
  46. Shiva Temple at Bhojpur near Bhopal
  47. Shiva Temple at Pali near Bilaspur

  48. Shiva Temple (Ruins) at Binaika near Sagar

  49. Siddhanath Temple at Omkareshwar near Indore

  50. Surya Temple at Madkheda near Tikamgadh

  51. Surya Temple at Umri near Tikamgadh

  52. Teli Ka Mandir at Gwalior
  53. Udayagiri Caves at Udayagiri near Sanchi

  54. Vaidyanath Mahadeo Temple (Remains 8th cent) at Baijnath near Rewa

  55. Vamana Temple at Khajuraho

  56. Varah Temple at Khajuraho

  57. Vishnu Temple at Rajim near Raipur

  58. Vishwanath Temple at Khajuraho
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