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15. Gowrikund


Location: Gowrikund near Rishikesh.
(Vada Naadu)
Shiva: Arul Manna Nayakar
Ambal: Manonmani, Gowri
Travel Base: Rishikesh
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Description: Gowrikund is a popular Himalayan shrine at about 4000 Meters above sea level where it is believed that Gowri (Parvati) meditated upon Shiva.  Surya and Chandra are also believed to have worshipped Shiva here.This shrine is located on the route between Rishikesh and Kedarnath

The route between Kedarnath and Gowrikund is a picturesque one. Gowrikund has several hot springs. Gowri is believed to have taken a bath here after giving birth to Kartikeya. Legend has it that, at Triyuginarayan, south of here Shiva and Parvati were married. The fire kindled during their wedding is said to be burning at Agnikund.  Also nearby, is the temple to Mundkatta Ganesh - without a head. Shiva is believed to have cut off the head of Parvati's son Ganesh and then revived him to life here.

Four shrines to Shiva in the Himalayas have been glorified by the Tevaram hymns of the Tamil Nayanmar saints of the 1st century CE. They are Indraneela Parvatam, Gowrikund, Kedarnath and Mount Kailash.  Although none of the Nayanmars has visited this Gowrikund, Sambandar has sung about Gowrikundam from Kalahasti. Gowrikund or Anekatankaavadam  is the first of the Tevara Stalams hailed by the Tamil hymns of the Nayanmars, located outside of Tamilnadu/Kerala/Karnataka i.e. in Vada Naadu (the northern lands).

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