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124. Tirukkovalur Veerattam


Location: Tirukkovilur
(Nadu Naadu)
Shiva: Veeratteswarar
Ambal: Sivanandavalli
Theertham: Pennai Nadhi
Patikam : Sambandar Appar
Travel Base: Tiruvannamalai
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Description: Tirukkovalur is one of the 8 Veeratta Stalams of Shiva and is also known as Kizhur or Killiyur. Tirukkovalur, also known as Tirukkovilur is located south of Tiruvannamalai. . Also located in this town is the well known Ulagalanda Perumaal Temple, one of the 108 Divya Desams of Vishnu. Across the river, is another Shivastalam, Arankandanallur. This is the 11th of the 22 Tevara Stalams in the Nadu Naadu  region of Tamilnadu.

The eight Veeratta Stalams are Tiruvatikai, Tirukkurukkai, Tirukkadavur, Tiruvazhuvur, Tirukkovalur, Tiruppariyalur, Tirukkandiyur and Tiruvirkudi. Tiruvazhuvur is considered to be a Tevara Vaippustalam, as it has no Patikams dedicated to it.

Legends: Tirukkovalur is associated with the legend of Shiva vanquishing the  demon Andakasuran.  The image of Ganapathi here is said to have been worshipped by Avvaiar the Tamil Saint Poet.

The Temple: The Ambal temple is located in a separate enclosure. Although much in need of repair, frescos on ceilings are of interest. The Rajagopuram is about 70 ft in height and the temple has 2 prakarams. Inscriptions from the Pallava period are found here. Also seen here are inscriptions from the period of Vijayalaya I, and Parantaka Chola I.

Festivals: The annual festival is celebrated for 13 days in the month of Maasi (Aquarius) when Andakasura Samharamurthy is taken in procession on the 6th day of the festival.  . ..

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