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Temples of Tamilnadu

The collossal epic Kamba Ramayanam is Tamilnadu's profound contribution to the Ramayana legacy of the Indian subcontinent and it  was recited by the writer Kambar within the precincts of the Srirangam temple in a manner similar to the arangetram of Periyapuraanam at Chidambaram. This Templenet feature is a pointer to  just a handful of  temples associated with legends related to the Ramayana particularly in the phases related to Rama's search for Sita, events prior to the crossing of the ocean and the victorious return from Lanka..


The grand temple at Srirangam enshrines the image of Vishnu said to have been held in worship by Rama. Legend has it that Rama   presented it to Vibhishana, Ravana's successor in Sri Lanka. rama.jpg (122353 bytes) The  Ucchhi Pillaiyaar temple is associated with the legend of the encounter between Ganesha and Vibhishana in connection with the image of Ranganathar at Srirangam.
The grand Ramanatha Swamy temple at Rameswaram is believed to be the site where Rama offered worship to Shiva while returning from Sri Lanka. The Eri Kaatta Ramar (Kodandarama) temple at Madhurantakam near Chingleput near Chennai is associated with legends related to Rama's return from Sri Lanka. The Val vil Rama temple at Tiruppullambhootamkudi is associated with the legend of Jataayu Moksham and the Vaideeswaran temple at Pullirukkuvelur  enshrines Shiva  worshipped by Jatayu.
The Tiruppullaani   Aadi Jagannatha Perumaal temple near Rameswaram in south eastern Tamilnadu is said to represent the site where Rama is said to have sojourned on his way to Srilanka. The Tiru Usaattaanam and Ramanadeeswaram Shiva temples and the Tirukkannapuram Divya Desam are associated with legends related to Rama's return to Ayodhya from Srilanka. The Navapaashaanam stones at the Kadaladaitta Perumaal temple at  Devipatnam on the Sethu coast are believed to be   images of the Navagrahas installed by Rama prior to his conquest of Sri Lanka.