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Temples of Tamilnadu
Abodes of Shiva

Introduction: Tiruvaadavur is the birthplace of Manikkavacakar, one of the revered saints in the Tamil Saivite tradition. Manikkavacakar is the author of the celebrated Tamil works Tiruvaacakam, Tiruvempaavai, Tiruppalliezhuchi, Sivapuraanam and more.

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Tiruvaadavur is located in the Pandya Kingdom, near Melur near Madurai in Tamilnadu. It has been a center of worship, even during the time of Maanikkavaacakar (1st millennium CE).

Tiruvaadavur enshrines Tirumarainaathar (Vedanayakar in Sanskrit) and Aranavalliyaar. Shiva here is also known as Aatmanathar, Prananathar, Jivanathar.

Legend has it that Shiva here was worshipped by Vaayu and by the Vedas. Legend has it that Manikkavaacakar (who was born here) a royal minister of the Pandya Kingdom built the temple at Tirupperunturai  out of funds earmarked for the purchase of horses for the royal palace and that when time came for him to display his stock of horses, jackals miraculously turned into fine steeds.  It is to be noted that this particular incident Tiruvilaiyaadal is celebrated in the Madurai Meenakshi temple. The Saint Manikkavaacakar, hailed from the Pandya Kingdom. Shrines associated closely with him are Madurai, Tiruvaadavur, Uttirakosamangai and Tirupperunturai.

There is a shrine to Maanikkavacakar close to the Tiruvaadavur temple.

The Temple: The Tiruvaadavur temple has some interesting features. Ambaal's shrine, is situated to the right of Tirumarainathar's shrine, as in the Madurai Meenakshi Somasundareswarar temple. The outermost prakaram houses the Ambal shrine, the stala vriksham Makizha maram and the 100 pillared hall. This hall is said to have been built by Maanikkavacakar himself. Also in this prakaram is the Bhairava Theertham. There is also a shrine to Kaaleesar in this prakaram.

The inner prakaram is centered around the Tirumarainaathar shrine. In the inner prakaram is a shrine to Manikkavacakar facing west. There is yet another shrine to Maanikkavacakar within this prakaram, which also enshrines  Vinayakar, Natarajar, Kaasi Viswanathar and Visalakshi, as well as niche-images of Dakshinamurthy, Lingodbhavar and others. Manikkavacakar is also enshrined in Natarajar's shrine. The innermost mandapam enclosing the sanctum also bears festival images of all resident deities, as well as images of Kapilar and Kapila Vinayakar.

Festivals: Five worship services are offered each day. The annual Bhramotsavam in Vaikasi and the Maargazhi Tiruvizha in the month of Maargazhi are the most important festivals here. Also of significance are the Maanikkavacakar festival during Navaratri, and the Puttu Tiruvizhaa in the month of Aavani (Moolam), as well as the Shankhabhishekam in the tamil month of Kaaritkai.